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Exquisite Product Unique and Outstanding Boiler

Dominant product—CFB boiler: this kind of boiler has the advantages of energy conservation and environment protection. This boiler is more suitable for burning the lean coal like lignite, anthracite etc., coal slurry and coal gangue, whose thermal efficiency and combustion efficiency is better than others, and the new CFB technology wins the prize of "Shandong Excellent Energy Conservation Achievements" issued by Shandong provincial government. Since the first set was developed and manufactured in 1989, JBG has produced nearly 2580 sets of such boiler with various types, ranging from 35t/h to 1028t/h (600MW power unit), and JBG has been the No. 1 company that produces and sells the largest quantity of CFB boiler.
Biomass BoilerAs the kernel subsidiary company 100% owned by the representative enterprise of clean energy industry, State Power Group Co., Ltd., JBG establishes the aim to be the largest biomass boiler research and development base and develops various types and series of biomass boilers. This series of product has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. JBG has three kinds of biomass boiler technology.

High quality product-pulverized coal fired boiler: the PC boiler is an energy-conservation and environment-friendly product researched by JBG for many years with the characteristics of horizontal dense-dilute direct flow combustion and has the advantages of low pollution, high combustion efficiency and wide load control range etc. JBG has developed many kinds of products from 65t/h~1028t/h (300MW generation unit)

Other boilers: waste incineration boiler, black liquor recovery boiler, coal slurry fired boiler, gas fired boiler, coal gangue fired boiler, municipal sludge fired boiler, regenerative air preheater and pressure vessels etc. They are the high quality products offered for the clients and society by Jinan Boiler Group with the research and concentration of over 50 years.


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