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         This boiler is a high efficiency and energy saving product. Based on the coal fired 75t/h CFB boiler, we optimally design a new product of 75t/h CFB boiler firing coal slime, coal waste, and mixed straw.

         The boiler uses the way of circulation fluidized bed combustion, having high firing efficiency and lower pollution. The fuel such as coal slime and coal waster has lower calorific value, but the combustion efficiency reaches up to 97%. If the fuel had high content of sulfur, adding limestone into furnace can obviously reduce sulfur dioxide emission, meanwhile, firing temperature of 900 is able to control NOx emission and to lessen corrosion and pollution caused by flue gas. The slag can be an additive of cement.

            In July, 2011, the product passed the energy efficiency testing performed by China Special Equipment Inspection & Research Institute, thermal efficiency is 88.57%. Exhaust gas temperature and excess air factor meet the requirements of Supervision Administration Regulation on Energy Conservation Technology for Boiler and also meet the design requirement. It is the product of industrial boiler meeting energy efficiency testing target in China.


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