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 1.Professional Production Line: many modern membrane wall production lines and straight pipe machine, and the most advanced tube coil production line

advanced coil tube production line

membrane wall production line

2.Pressing and rolling machines: 2 large-sized rolling machines and 2000 tons oil press

hydraulic micro-controlled level down three-roller bending machine

2000 tons oil press

3.Welding machine: Lincoln, gantry automatic welding machine and all kinds of machines more than 20 sets

automatic tube joining machine

20 poles membrane wall production line

Lincoln saddle-type automatic welding machine

gantry automatic welding machine

4.Annealing and heating equipment: large-size annealing furnace, heating furnace etc.

large-size annealing furnace

large-size modern heating furnace

5.NDE equipment: large-sized diagnostic machine, industrial TV, linear accelerator and UT equipment etc.

industrial television detection of welding quality

4M linear accelerator

UT equipment

6.National laboratory structure: physics test office, chemical test office and metrology office

physics test office

chemical test office

metrology office


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