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Since you approach us for consultation, we will provide you with the complete, through and all-around personalized service. Relieving you from the tired travel, JBG will provide you with the through course service, including pre-sale service, technical consultation service, field delivery service, erection service and after-sale service.

Pre-sale service
In order to let our guests make a good choice based on coal property, water quality, geologic conditions, and different purposes, our salesman and designers will provide clients with perfect and reliable service to help them choose the right boiler type.
Technical Consultation Service
When we are clear client’s requirement, our design engineers will provide comprehensive technical service including special design, installation instruction, commissioning and maintenance and training work.
Equipment Transportation Service and Field Delivery Service
When the products are finished, we can be responsible to delivery products instead of clients to the site timely and safely, and our people will deal with handover formalities according to general product list and packing list. We will replace some boiler parts in time if they were damage。

Installation Service

We can provide users with all-weather, all-round service. If the user needs, we can send technical personnel on-site service; if we receive your calls or letters, we will reply within 2 hours.

After-sales Service
We will provide spare parts in time and resolve any technical problems to guarantee the boiler long-term operation.


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