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Dear Friends,
         Welcome to visit the website of Jinan Boiler Group Co., Ltd!
        At the moment you visit this website, we would like to extend our sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to you and your company.
        Established in 1954, Jinan Boiler Group Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter called “JBG”) is a large company with profound cultural foundation and prosperous developing strength. Under the kind concern and correct leadership of national and local government for decades, as well as supporting from vast majority of customers and all sectors of society, JBG has always been taking the nation’s revitalization and the nation strengthening by industry as his responsibility, bases on the principle of “dedicating clean energy & creating comfortable life”, and insists the spirit of “magnificent aspiration, courage of the sea, realistic & innovative, fighting & progressive”. Nowadays, JBG has been developed to a comprehensive large company for manufacturing power boilers and industrial boilers as leading products, and integrated R&D, manufacturing, auxiliaries supplying, erection, maintenance, renovation, power plant EPC & environmental protection projects, technical consulting service, etc. Furthermore, JBG has become a world-renowned R&D base of CFB boilers and the largest manufacturing base of biomass fuel fired boilers, and made important contribution to industry development of Jinan City, Shandong Province and even China.
        Today, when you start up your computer and log into the website of JBG, you can find brand-new style and power size of this modernized JBG shown by every window and every column. And every paragraph or every picture in the site is detailed recording vicissitudes of history and splendid moment for JBG reform and development of last 60 years, also highlighting profound cultural deposits and humanistic spectacle. Of course, you and your team are welcome to visit JBG physically for further understanding of JBG.
        It’s the time to ride the wind to cleave the waves and hang the sailcloth up to go across the sea. At the new start of history, JBG sets “Satisfying the clients” as its vocation, and takes “Setting up far-famed brand, Establishing centennial reputable enterprise” as its fighting goal. With the spirit of uninterrupted transcending, constantly striving to become stronger, making progress with the time, exploiting and innovating, JBG serves the client, creates the future, obtains the development and realizes the common benefit with its powerful manufacture capability, advanced technology and pure and honest enterprise culture. What JBG offers is not only the high quality boiler and clean energy, but also the comfortable life and beautiful future! 
                                                                               Chairman of the Board-Yang Xu


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