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  • 易倍体育app官网130/9.2-T1 Vibrating Grate Biomass Boiler Model:

        The 130t/h vibrating grates high-temperature and high-pressure steam boiler applies advanced biomass combustion technology adopting from abroad. The boiler is of natural circulation, single drum, and single furnace, balance draft, outdoor arrangement, solid deslagging, overall steel structure, bottom supported and top hanging structure.

        The boiler designs for firing cornstalks. Such biomass fuel contains various saline matters including chloride, and the flue gas has very corrosive characteristics. In addition, the ash fusion point of the combustion products is low, and the ash is easy to stick on the heating surface tubes and form the slag, thus the transfer coefficient of heating surface is reduced. Therefore, special material, structure and efficient ash cleaning measures are applied for the tubes in high temperature section to avoid corrosion and slagging.

        The boiler applies the combined grate combustion system. Steam and water of the boiler system applies the natural circulation, and the downcomers are arranged outside the furnace. The boiler is “M” type, the furnace and superheater pass apply overall membrane wall, which guarantee the sealing of the boiler. The superheated steam is heated in four stages, and desuperheated by three stages of the spray water, thus the superheated steam has enough control allowance to guarantee the boiler steam parameters. There are two stages of economizers and five stages of flue gas cooler at the end of shaft. Air preheater is arranged outside the flue gas duct using the way of feeding hot water, which avoids low temperature corrosion at end of gas duct.


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