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     In the heart of JBG people, the client is god and quality is a must. According to this notion, JBG builds up a quality policy of “strengthening quality management, elaborately designing and manufacturing, sticking to the science and technology guide, strengthening process control and insisting on client satisfaction” and a quality target of “100% qualified products, 100% client satisfied”, and also builds a three-level quality management headed by President. JBG won the most authoritative ASME Certificate issued by American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a license from the American Institute of ASME authorization certificate and “U”, “S” steel stamps and the qualifications to enter the EU market. JGB implements ISO9001 quality management system and perfect all kinds of quality systems, which ensures systems effectively work.

JBG often holds TQM training, constantly improving management level.

People from ASME institution are doing inspection and testing work at workshop.

In order to improve workers skill, JBG often hold the provincial and municipal welding contests. The picture shows that provincial occupation skills contest was held in JBG.

Municipal welding skill contest held in JBG

JBG held the first international welding competition in 2010 and won the team title

JBG holds Quality Pledge Conference. Picture shows all middle-level cadres for oath ceremony

JBG often holds work meetings to inspect, supervise and reward the associated enterprises


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